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How do we do the whole – not overspending our energy thing?

Featured Writer, Genevieve Tawiah - Performance Physiotherapist

It’s a concept that makes so much sense, and that I have heard in a variety of different metaphors in a variety of different books and whole lot of podcasts, but the message stays the same. Our energy levels are like tokens that fill the space in a jar, we wake up with a certain amount to spend – and that stash will get used up or added to throughout your day – depending on how you choose to spend it. Being aware of what we wake up with, helps us to determine how best to make our way through the day, and ultimately, determines if we overspill and burn out, or end up with more than we started with – and close the day with a smile on our face. I think I've been aware of this concept for a while. But being aware and applying it on a daily basis is a very different thing. Having time to sit with this concept in the strange time that was 2020 (Iets not even talk about the lockdowns) really brought through some home truths, and let me learn how to cater to what I need a lot more. And don’t get me wrong – consistency with this is a battle as we come across different hurdles in life. But if you know fills your jar, and what drains it – you are on to a winner.

Sometimes we need some help to find the things that pour energy our way. But we do have the power to highlight and re-learn what we need from our own lives to feel content. And those things don’t necessarily have to be big external wishes about money, things we want to own or a title we want for ourselves. You could learn so much from the impulsive kid you were, or that you still are deep inside, that maybe liked just running around a lot, or getting their hands stuck in crafts, or was actually just more content having time on their own than being pulled to group events. So where do we start?

Intentions If we set out what we want from each day – your successes are within your own power. This one takes some practice. I think sometimes we set ourselves aims beyond our reach for the day, and disappoint ourselves when we don’t reach them. So can we give ourselves smaller stepping stones towards them or scale them down? Like, literally, make them smaller. Hit your basics. 3 meals. A shower. A full nights sleep? Then build on them as you feel able. But the key is those intentions have to be within your control.

Reflections When you look back at your day before you sleep – what made you smile or made your soul settle? These are the things that pour energy back your way. Can you rework your intentions to include a jar filler on a daily basis? How does it feel to get extra in your energy stash daily? – and also, if an obstacle comes comes your way – does it knock you as hard as it would have if you hadn’t made that decision for you? Check ins (the timing on this is all yours) As a physio, I often use the analogy of a self body scan at work. But the picture of a jar, or just any analogy of spending might be enough for you. My way - close your eyes, scan yourself, how much of you feels like it’s in a red zone. How much do you feel worse for wear.

Take check points in your day to see how this picture of you changes. Scan yourself again. All in red and near empty? Power up pal – find a jar filler and reel back how much you are giving out. All in green and high energy? – fab – what are you going to do with yourself to let those vibes overflow for you and the people you surround yourself with? Don’t want to go it alone?

Your friends are there for a reason. And even if you don’t talk about your wellness daily – they want to see you well and see you win. Thats what friends are for. So team up. We’re usually better at helping others than helping ourselves – so pick a friend you trust and try it together. Write things down, share in messages to each other. And celebrate each other as you start to spot what you need from your life.


"I'm a Musculoskeletal physiotherapist, -(vocal and jaw treatment inclusive) working with a variety of people with aim of optimising their quality of life and performance.

I have specialist experience in the performing arts sector, with a background working with West End shows and theatre tours (Wicked, Harry Potter, War Horse...), TV (Strictly Come Dancing), singers, presenters, dancers, stage crew and more.

In the fast paced world we live in, I really strive to give my clients the space and slow down time to help them get to know their bodies more. To think holistically . To give them some power in their own care. and to help their journey to recovery be as efficient, as possible. I am based in London (but offer Remote sessions) and can travel upon request.

Want to see more of what I'm about?

Thanks for taking the time to give this a read. Have a beautiful day x"

Genevieve Tawiah MCSP HCP +447504111801

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