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  • "Li Laurent is an incredible person and therapist. Her no-nonsense way of talking was always such a huge relief in all my sessions with her. I spent various months working with her, and my family has even complimented me on the massive growth I have shown. I attribute my growth of self confidence and generally more calm demeanor to the amount of peace Li taught me to have. Accepting things as what they are is an ENORMOUS part of this process. And recognizing what your core beliefs about yourself are and then filtering out what are the problematic thoughts changed my life. I will forever be grateful for the work Li has put in to our sessions and in my mental health growth. - Just Wow."

  • "So excellent. Li is an incredible listener, very compassionate, able to navigate the nuance of interpersonal relationships and helped me acknowledge patterns I didn't notice on my own. Not to change them per se, but just to notice and decide if changing them is what's best for me."

  • "You've finally, after that many years and thousands spent on different therapies hit the one thing that is a game changer for me."

  • "Insightful and extremely knowledgeable. Her advice has helped me more in the few sessions we have had than I could have even imagined. I highly recommend Li's services!"

  • "A really comfortable welcome to therapy with Li. Surprised how much she got me to open up in the first session. Thank you"

  • "(Li) is incredible. She genuinely cares, works with my schedule, and responds quickly to my messages. This is the first time therapy has ever worked for me."

  • "It's changed my life, I've gotten more out of therapy with Li than I have any other therapist in my life"

  • "I am the most relaxed I have ever been after the very first session! I am filled hope that I haven't felt in many years. I highly recommend Li."

  • "Best therapy I have ever gotten!"

  • "(Li) has helped me be more aware of the family dynamics I live within, my contribution to those dynamics, and my power, greater than I thought, to change them and improve my mental health within them. I'm learning how, concretely, to set boundaries and reduce anxiety and feelings of helplessness/hopelessness. It's as if I'm getting some psychological vitamins and minerals I've long needed."

  • "Li is very approachable, authentic and non-judgemental. I gained a lot of insight and got so much out of my session.
    I highly recommend Li."

  • "I already feel like I am on a better path! My therapist is amazing, very approachable, and understanding of my situation."

  • "Takes things slowly & checks in with how you are feeling"

  • "Li is fantastic and really opened up the first session by asking questions about me and getting to understand my situation. She made me feel comfortable and I am looking forward to working with her more! Thank you Li!"

  • "Li is an awesome therapist!"

  • "A real person, who listened to my real concerns and addressed them like a real person with the experience, insight and understanding of a psychologist. Refreshing and enlightening."

  • "Authentic treatment, my therapist genuinely cares about my future. Recommend: YES"

  • "Your messages and responses to my work sheets are incredible, I really feel them deeply, I deeply appreciate them. I’m really glad I joined this website".

  • "I am really so thankful I met you, thank you for being you!"

  • "It's my first time to ever talk to a therapist. She was very direct with her response and quick. I felt like it was easy for me to open up. It's life changing."

  • "I love online therapy because I feel that the relationship that I have with my therapist is more real as compared to professional couch sessions. There's a feeling that I am being understood on a more personal level and that is something that I really need, especially during this time of COVID-19 when almost everything is virtual. - Thank you."

  • Li, you have helped me help myself in tremendous ways. My confidence in myself and my social encounters are much better than I could have imagined. You've seen my at my worst and in my progress. I can honestly say that you have given me the tools to move on to figure things out without pondering or being frustrated with myself or others. Because of your persistent pressing I've gotten comfortable with myself and knowing that the temporary discomfort in delicate situations is just that, temporary. So I'm sad but happy to say thank you so much for the gift you've given me. You are a blessing to so many for sure!!"

  • "I have found the right therapist for me. She is amazing, very insightful and her warmth and kindness made me comfortable to open up more."

  • "A incredibly gifted, inspirational and genuine human being using her gifts/talents for good and to heal/help the world with the worlds lack of resources to heal minds and hearts, restoring lives without using their vulnerability as a source of wealth."

  • "Li, you have been the most insightful therapist I had and I am so thankful for you."

  • "Life changing". 

  • "Li seemed to be a very knowledgeable psychologist. She made me feel comfortable and was easy to talk to. I thoroughly enjoyed my session."

  • "Excellent insight from only 1 session. Li was very perceptive and explored underlying drivers for my current symptoms and outlined a plan of management. I have faith that she possesses the skills and expertise to dig deeper and uncover hidden truths."

  • "So nice to speak to a therapist who is interested in me and not my 'diagnosis'. This was the initial session and I felt heard and comfortable. She is knowledgeable and the things we talked about were on-point and useful". 

  • "Life changing. Li had the right balance of empathy and understanding as well as inquiry to help unlock some of the biggest challenges that I've had. It was the right thing that I needed at the right time and I feel blessed to have been able to receive her help to grow and become a better husband and father."

  • "I've seen Li for a number of months now, however, I knew I was in good hands from the beginning. I am somewhat of a pro when it comes to being a patient/client and I feel like this is the first time that I actually know my hurdles and what I'm working towards."

  • "My therapist is an amazing individual. She is empathetic and direct without mincing any words when required. Couldn't have any better. This is my first experience (with) therapy and she has simply done an amazing job so far."

  • "Excellent insight from only 1 session. Li was very perceptive and explored underlying drivers for my current symptoms and outlined a plan of management. I have faith that she possesses the skills and expertise to dig deeper and uncover hidden truths."

  • "Thank you so much Li, I feel truly seen. Your questioning and then directness truly helped me."

  • "Great therapist!'​​

  • "I've had talk therapy before but nothing's changed.  Now I feel like I actually have coping skills & tools to use & it's working."

  • "my therapist Li Laurent is absolutely amazing. I love her approach and she speaks with me clearly, she tells me the truth even if it can be hard and this is really helping me. I made progress in less than two weeks, my anxiety is GONE and I’m already moving forward on dealing with other issues. I didn’t think this could be possible, or (I thought) that it would take a long time."

  • "I absolutely love working with Li. Even during the difficult times of my life, I feel I can depend on her and she knows just what to say"

  • "after finding Li Laurent and giving my all - I feel like I’ve picked up some skills and insights that I will use going forward. I think I’m better prepared and less anxious than when I began."

  • "She is the right therapist!"

  • "This is the best thing I've done for myself in a really, really long time. (Li) has truly helped me! I am slowly overcoming my bad habits."

  • "I like the fact that you always speak from the heart. It definitely gives off those positive vibes of being genuine and approachable, which is everything you want from a therapist."

  • "Li is absolutely amazing and has a great vibe. She always tells me the truth and is a fantastic therapist to go throughout this journey with. I love her untraditional approach. Before I started therapy, I felt intense anxiety 24/7 and in less than 2 weeks it stopped. I feel so much better and every session with her is a life changing experience. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding how I feel."

  • "Li has been so helpful. She is a good listener and truly cares about my progress. Her strategies with me keep me focused and is very helpful at goal-setting and helping me come up with how I can remedy my situations, short-term and long-term."

  • ​"It has been great for me to assess habits that have been adding stress to my life."

  • "Li Laurent is patient, kind, funny, and highly intelligent. She made me feel seen and the ease of communication helped me in ways I've needed for a decade or more. Thank you."​

  • "My therapist is extremely good at communicating and responds thoroughly. (Therapy) has been extremely helpful so far.

  • "My first session went wonderful. My therapist was direct & stayed on task. Looking forward to more therapy with Li."

  • "an amazing therapist, (Li) has a great vibe and I like the idea that she challenges my thoughts as I was not looking for a couch therapist saying ‘uh uh, and how does that make you feel?’ to everything I say."

  • "Li is such an approachable and calming individual. She has helped me introspect and understand so much about myself in a short time."

  • "Li has a way to encourage a person's inner thoughts and allow them the chance to reflect on things that may be less obvious. Thoroughly enjoyed the session and looking forward to the next."

  • "Our work together has had an impact on my life. It truly has. I honestly didn't think I had it in me. As time goes on and as situations come up, I find myself finding a peace like never before. I see myself noticing people, hearing the stories being told by them and also myself being able to express myself like never before. All in positive ways. No where perfect, but that was never my goal. I hope to progress my endeavors with the tools adopted, passed along by you and your curiosity of my life's chapters".

  • "Loved my session with Li and highly recommend her to anyone."

  • "So far so good, this is the longest amount of time I have been stuck to a therapist. I usually only last about a day or 2, but she showed the most interest and understanding."

  • "I have had a wonderful journey with online therapy. Li has helped me open up to myself and the fog filled reality I was living. She has been amazingly perceptive of my deeper issues; helping me understand myself better. The CBT program is very effective and efficient in its goal to help everyone improve themselves and live happier lives. Online therapy has changed my life for the better. I have become stronger than ever before and am on the road to recovery. Thanks Li"

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