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Holding firmly on to the radicalised concept of having therapy with an actual person (cc: "...and how does that make you feel?") without losing any of the expertise, specialism & professional capacity. It's accessing formal qualifications in an informal environment, & it's what allows us to have incredibly nuanced, evolutionary, & deeply personal conversations, that can finally lead to the solutions we know a lot of our clients had very nearly stopped looking for. We work diligently to be the ahead of the clinical curve, which means our interventions & support are progressive, dynamic, and as vast as they are varied. If we're not the right fit for you (we can't be the best at everything) then we'll help you find you someone who is. At the end of the day, our priority is you having the right company alongside you for what you need.

Self development is typically born from the directional position of:

mental unwellness to stability

mental wellness to mental wealth

mental wealth to mental wealth maintenance

In all cases - we believe it's about the individuals journey, that an "expert" sits along side for.

We live by, & therefore fundamentally advocate that you are your mechanism for change. Embodying the concept of self empowerment & actual self help, rather than looking to an external someone to “have the answers”, “fix” or “change” you.

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