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Your Questions Answered: "Why this career, though?"

Since the moment we opened our little digital doors we've had a smattering of queries about what we do, why we do it and how we get it done. Amongst the buffet of ponderment - of which there were a variety of dishes, we're starting with the hottest & most abundant potato ploughing full steam ahead on the menu (this metaphor is already problematic, we know) - what made you pick this pathway?


Li Laurent

Company Director, Trauma Specialist, Researcher & Artist.

"I remember as a kid feeling very aware that people said things they didn't mean. They laughed at things they didn't find funny, agreed with opinions they didn't respect & spent time with people they didn't like. I always thought that was so odd, most children notice that - & then they internalise it.

When what you see doesn't align with what's said, you start to think you must be wrong, then you start to think there must be something wrong with you. All the self-trust goes down the pan, & you look to everyone else to make sense of the things you've told yourself you can't anymore. How awful is that? Witnessing a truth that makes you feel like a liar?

So that's how my career started really, it was me trying to understand myself better, & when I did, it changed everything. I think it changed my life.

A huge percentage of mental health issues relate to our self-experiencing, and I see it every day with my clients. I sit opposite these incredible people who spend an hour a week trying to convince me they aren't good enough just because it "feels" true. And that feeling is far more persuasive than anything I have to say about it. It drives me mad, seeing self-worth whittled down to a distorted intuition just because, generationally, someone didn't go to therapy and prove themselves wrong.

If I can help people to see themselves as they are - as they've always been - god, hang on, I'm getting upset (laughs). If I can do that from my little corner of life, I feel like I've done something. I know I'm the person I needed when I was younger, I'm definitely the person I need for me now and a couple of days a week, I'm the person for someone else who doesn't have their self yet.

I reckon some days I nail it; some days I'm just hammering at walls and probably looking a bit clumsy. But I do my best, & at least I'm always trying to use my tools."


Jade Rambaut

Specialist Performance Coach, Casting Director and Performer.

"I honestly feel like I've had this career all my life, I just wasn't getting paid.

From such a young age I have been a "carer", so let me start right off by saying how this started and how it's going is vastly different. Caring as a child is tricky business and a hell of a lot of sacrifices are made in the process of what is essentially an attempt at rescuing.

Now I'm older and my clients are not my parents, now I have people who sign up.

There's no sacrifice, and it just feels right. But I cannot deny the unwavering evidence that it's because of my parents and for that I am incredibly grateful. It's all the people that I grew up watching actually, I was witness to so much struggle in my younger years, I have been close to so many falls, I've watched people get up time and time again and I've gotten the news too many times of the people who weren't able to get up ever again.

I am a kid of "survive" environment, and I just wanted more for me but also as many people as I could get my hands on.

I wanted to help people go from surviving to thriving, and so I studied the methods that resonated with me, I armed myself with the "official" documents and I began with a demographic I know best - artists."


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