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self care

No, drinking wine doesn't count.

Please stop pretending that watching Netflix and eating chocolate is self care, it really really isn't. Self care is the act of parenting yourself responsibly. It is the ability, willing and enacting of recognising your needs, and attending to them

No one has ever needed an 8 hours Grey Anatomy binge (as great as they are), but they do need a set amount of sleep, hydration & social connection. It is your job to keep yourself well, one of the few we truly have. We are our greatest investment, biggest asset, and truest companion. So we need to start behaving like it. 

Image by Alisa Anton

Self Care: What It Really Is
Susannah Winters

Breaking the myth that self care is a wine party, Netflix binge, or pedicure social. Self care is what's needed for your well-being and should always leave you with more energy and feelings of revitalisation. Often, the activities that are described as self-care leave you more depleted and with less energy.
This talk will break the myth and discuss the 4 components of self care that will support your overall wellness; -nourishing foods, -stillness & movement, -time in nature, and -self expression.

Image by Mike van den Bos

alright then, now what?

Listen we all love a good time, and it's sods law that the things we love don't love us back (metaphorically), but the reality of the matter is that self care is not self indulgence. Self care is responsible behaviour in spite of yourself.
It's your mum hoovering the house at 10am on a Saturday morning even though you wanted a lie in and she hates chores. It's going for a run even though you desperately want to believe you don't need fresh air & exercise.
It's turning off your phone at 9pm because the call of TikTok is strong & all memes at all times of the day.

What are you giving time to that isn't actually serving you all that well?
Most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

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