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is the attitude.

Gratitude is the practice of looking at your life & finding something to appreciate about it. It's not just a good idea, it's a scientific hack for a happier brain. Research has found that doing this daily significantly improves your mental & physical health, releasing those joyful little neurotransmitters serotonin & dopamine, benefitting your sleep, immune system and decreasing the risk of disease. It's one of the easiest ways to change your mind & if nothing else, what a lovely way to start your morning! Whilst not every version of practice works for everyone, there's enough info here to get you going to find out what works uniquely for you.


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1. I'm grateful I have the week ahead of me to achieve my goals. I'll be able to tick things off my to do list & start again with a fresh outlook. It's 7 days of opportunities, 7 days of new starts.

2. I'm grateful that today I have my health. I might not always feel my best, but my body is working for me.

3. Last night I had a solid 8 hours sleep, the first I've had in weeks. I am so grateful to feel rested!

Want to be happy?
Be grateful

David Steindl-Rast

The one thing all humans have in common is that each of us wants to be happy, says Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar. And happiness, he suggests, is born from gratitude. An inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you're going, and above all, being grateful.

The Best Gratitude Practices
Andrew Huberman

Discussing key elements of highly effective gratitude practices, including the need for story (narrative), receiving or perceiving gratitude rather than giving it, & the role of theory of mind in. Explaining neural circuit mechanisms that underlie the reductions in fear & increases in motivation & lowering of inflammatory chemicals that gratitude can trigger.



The benefits of practicing gratitude may as well be endless. People who practice consistently (let's say for examples sake, daily) experience the full spectrum of increased wellness, which includes more positive emotions, better quality of sleep & stronger immune systems. Reflecting on the things you appreciate means you are changing the lens through which you filter your information. If your lens is a little more "build me up buttercup" than it is "drag me down Donald", naturally you're going to notice a shift in perspective. 

Where you stand is what determines your view. 

it's all about perspective

Image by Brigitte Tohm
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