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what you say to your self, matters. 

Affirmations are often considered fluffy words we say for no other reason than "it sounds like a nice idea", or because Oprah said so on a podcast. But these little words of emotional encouragement are deeply embedded in - and bolstered by - scientific research, that has consistently proven their value, benefit & success over time (and many trials). But if science just so happens to fail on this occasion, you'll have just spent a bit of time staring in the mirror & giving your self some fairly reasonable compliments - I mean worse things could happen, surely? And it's free, so you'll at the very least be financially unchanged, & psychologically more robust. 

Image by Minh Pham
Image by James Healy
Image by Prateek Katyal

Create a better future with the power of 'I am'
Souhair Alqaisi

Through out our life .. we have been all in a conditioning process or a programming process that has created our beliefs , unfortunately many beliefs that we have acquired act against us and prevent us from reaching our goals Souhair Alqaisi explains how to get rid of negative beliefs that have been acquired through out life and replace them with powerful and positive ones to make a change in life and create a prosperous future. 

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