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Jade "Beau" Rambaut

It's pronounced "Rambo".

I’ll get my name out the way first, for some reason when it comes to me it confuses people beyond despair. As if no one in the history of time has ever sported a nickname. “Yes, but” I hear them cry “Jade and Beau aren’t at all similar” Correct, nor are Marshall and Eminem or Alicia and Pink but we’ve all managed just fine in that discovery. I’m a few hops, skips and jumps away from having a star on Hollywood Blvd but do me this kindness.

I have worked in the Entertainment industry for over a decade, and I have worn many hats for that reason a few years it was just easier to throw my nickname into circulation. And whilst Jade and Beau may be very different when my surname is pronounced correctly “Rambo”, Beau makes a lot more sense. You are free to use either, I respond to all.

A Bit of Background

I have trained as an actress, completed film school, interned with the best of them, produced feature films, landed myself the title of Associate Casting Director for film starring those who do have stars on the Hollywood Blvd and become an entrepreneur. I still pop back into casting but some years ago I realised what I really loved, what I was really passionate about was working with performers but I wanted to work with them before then were standing in front of me auditioning, I wanted to help them enjoy that moment.

Too many performers leave with thoughts that they could have done better, that they didn’t “leave it all in the room”, they felt like they had more to give and they are right. Most people I came into contact with held back, telling themselves they didn’t deserve to be in, in fear of looking stupid or this being there only chance so colour within the lines and be professional. I can hand on my heart tell you I want you to be the one when you’re in the space. I want you to light the damn room on fire.

Why I do, & love my job 

I have come to realise that the way into any creativity is through the mess, when it comes to being a performer that means your means. If you want to move people, if you want to connect, you can’t skip the part where you connect with yourself. I tell my Actors, without you the character is just words on a page. They are anchored to your truth. You do not hide behind them, you reveal yourself in them. Every time you take on a character, you take on their story, but equally, you are telling little pieces of your story. Without your experiences, you have no real connection to the character which means you will have limited connection with your audience. You can’t hide, and no one wants you to (well maybe you do but we’ll work on that). We forget, as we grow up, how integral play is to our growth. We spend the first years of our lives playing a combination of a fierce imagination and a sand pit that can transform our world in seconds but then we got all serious. Traded play for perfect. There were no more pirates or fairies, no muddy knees or scratches from trees. Why did we stop climbing trees? I digress. 

Education & Training

So now you have a sneak peak into the journey and my beliefs, let me assure you that I am also actually qualified.

For the past few years I have been completed two courses in NLP, once elevating me to the indulgent title of Master Practitioner. I have completed my qualifications in Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Motivational Coaching, Personal Training as I am a firm believer that I’d you are not moving your body you’ll make both our lives harder, so I want to be able to legally prescribe movement. I am also qualified in CBT skills and more recently I became certified in Counselling Skills through in a decade of creative industry experience and I’d say I might finally be feeling like a “well rounded” coach.

Global NLP Training​

NLP Master Practitioner, Emotional & Social Coach, Motivational Coach, Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach​

Open Study College​

Psychological Profiling Level 3, Distinction. Neurolinguistics Programming Level 3, Distinction. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 4, Psychology Diploma, Counselling Diploma

University of the Arts London​

1st Class Honours, Casting & Production​

Personal Trainer Level 3

Meisner Technique

Strasberg Technique

Professional Registrations

  • Accredited member of ACCPH (coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists & hypnotherapists)

Specialist Focus

The majority of my current clients are actors but I also work with fighters, CEOs, singers, musicians and filmmakers. Helping people own their story, gain confidence, and actualise their potential.

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